ABB: TV Commercial

    ABB’s first global TVC.
    The Vision Network created and produced a 30″ and 15″ to run across global pan-regional stations.

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  • IDCOMMS dark2

    IDComms is the world’s first value-based media consulting company. A leading provider of first-class media expertise, consulting and resources to brands.

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  • ABB
    ABB | MEC | Bloomberg

    This is the wrap-up findings animation for a pan-Europe, Asia and LatAm campaign for ABB devised by MEC Switzerland, Bloomberg Businessweek and TVN.

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  • i-mis

    The media reputation study, The International Media Image Survey (I-MIS)

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  • CommentVisions

    CommentVisions explores the views of thinkers, innovators and scientists on energy and the environment, global warming, over-population and dwindling resources.

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  • smithsonian

    We brokered the ‘Energy Innovation’ content partnership between Statoil and the Smithsonian Institute

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  • warc

    We advocate the global marketing information service and it’s monthly magazine, Admap

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  • Time & Fortune
    Time & Fortune | WEF Davos

    Time & Fortune commissioned TVN to make an ambient backdrop for their WEF Davos cocktail party.
    The result is a seamless animated ribbon, running across 5 screens.

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  • SP TV
    Seymourpowell | Community

    We’ve been involved with the group formation, recruiting new members, managing registrants and sourcing and facilitating guest moderators to publish the latest content and discussions.

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  • NatGeo
    National Geographic

    National Geographic Magazine commissioned a piece of bespoke, detailed research to find out more about their readers.

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  • talentarc
    Talentarc: Directors in Media

    We help to build strength in communities online, by bringing them together in person.

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  • DesignJunction

    designjunction is the show to be at during the London Design Festival. TVN made this film to capture the vibrancy, excitement and creativity that buzzes around this extraordinary event.

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